Thought to Be jeengar

Thought to Be jeengar

Last year at Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) we had Ahmednagar Hindu – Mochi Samaj First Introductory Book Publication Ceremony (Ahmednagar Samaj Pratham Parichay Pustika). The youth of Ahmednagar had made one appeal on the last page of that book (Image of the same is enclosed herewith). Further in last week of May, 2015 we had a discussion about JEENGAR RESERVATION IN RAJASTHAN on BEING JEENGAR GROUP. Which had made me give a deep thought about our CASTE name lable and its

Our Group is basically made for education purpose, which is one part of the Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkars ideology “BE EDUCATED, BE ORGANISED AND BE AGITATED” (Dr. Baba Saheb uttered these precious words at the end of his historic speech delivered at the All-India Depressed Classes Conference (July 18-19, 1942 at Nagpur)).

Now considering our caste population nationwide or worldwide I presume or think to be on higher side it is not more than 10 Lakhs (10,00,000). That is considering the total population of India about 125 Crorers we were no where in fraction of percentage and further we are the real minorities of minorities.

I will like to give example of MEENA COMMUNITY of Rajasthan. Considering the total population of Rajasthan which is about 7.35 Crores SC and ST form about 12% of state population. The population of the tribes in Rajasthan is nearly a double of the national average, with original inhabitants Bhils and the Meenas forming the largest group. But they are organised and making demand for separate reservation and separate benefits.

We are having such a small number of population but that is having different tag line of Caste. Like Jeengar, Hindu – Mochi, Marwadi Mochi etc. as per there regional requirements. I am enclosing herewith Article from Samachar Safar for your reference about state wise caste name and there SC/ST or OBC status.

As we didn’t have unique caste identity we are not able to exercise POLITICAL BARGAIN POWER (BE ORGANISED) which is root cause for getting benefits from the governments for the upliftment of our caste / samaj.

Hence through this open letter I am proposing to

  • Population counting of our caste.
  • Mutually decision about which caste name should be used through out India.
  • By taking legal advice accordingly to make representation to Central Government SC/ST department for specifically mention…………. CASTE NAME INCLUDE Jeengar, Hindu – Mochi, Marwadi Mochi etc. and to notify the same in Gazette of India.
  • On the basis of said Gazette of India make representation to State Government for including SAID CASTE name specifically in SC.

If we were organised in such a way we will have political bargain power on the basis of which we can take various types of special benefits specifically for our community.

We welcome suggestions/assistance from any quarter to improve our activities. Please contact us at for any feedback or query.

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